Decoding the means
to cancer’s end

Since our beginning in 2014, Freenome has had a clear vision—to reinvent disease management through early detection and precision intervention through a fusion of artificial intelligence, biology, and computer science. 

In this way, we seek to radically transform the way medicine is practiced, equipping people everywhere with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a healthier life, and one day, prevent disease altogether.


We are technologists

We are programmers, machine learning experts and computational biologists
developing novel computational methods for screening, diagnosis and treatment of
serious diseases like cancer. Because in the age of genomics, traditionally biological
questions are giving way to technological solutions.

We are scientists

We are molecular biologists, clinicians, and sequencing experts working together to
ensure the highest quality of scientific research and develop the infrastructure
necessary for next-generation screening and treatment methods.

We are people

All of us are touched by diseases like cancer. Our experiences as patients and people
lend urgency and meaning to the work we do everyday, motivating us to equip all
individuals and families with the tools they need to detect and treat diseases at their
most manageable stages.