Get Deeper Understanding Using Our Multiomics Platform

Use the power of our multiomics platform for your research and development to provide novel insights into the body's response to cancer and to therapies that may apply.

Our platform's capabilities can be applied across clinical trial enrollment, biomarker discovery, MRD, and monitoring throughout the continuity of care.


Go Beyond Genomics for a Multidimensional View

Multiomic View and Insights

Because the heterogeneity of the body's response to cancer often requires multiple assays for effective understanding, Freenome built a comprehensive multiomics platform. This platform utilizes different assays to analyze the blood, and also may be used for detecting cancer.

These assays provide multidimensional data about the genome, epigenome, transcriptome, or proteome that may be combined in innovative ways. With higher volume sample sets, we also have machine learning capabilities for the selection of predictive molecular features.


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