Freenome’s 3rd Annual Picnic: Team building with bubbles!

Freenome News

Every year, in the first blooms of summer, Freenome holds its annual company picnic. This is a tradition that strengthens our bonds and celebrates our wins.

Held at Buri Buri Park this year, the planning team gathered early to set-up games and decorations, while our grillmasters Ben, Rui and Gabe fired up the grill.

After dining on the many fine offerings brought by team members, everyone’s mind turned towards Bubble Ball. It was time for friendly competition. 

Four teams were formed and led by the mighty warriors Homaira, Dakota, Lissa, and Christina. Then, the competition commenced with enthusiasm and impressive skill. Two teams faced off with each other at a time, with the goal of winning by knocking down or pushing the opponent out of bounds. After many rounds, the orange and yellow teams emerged as victors.


A competition, called Mayhem, was the first of many, as the teams competed in jumping over obstacles, diving for soccer balls, and rolling with breaking speed and accuracy. Everyone played valiantly but, in the end, the Orange team led by Dakota swarmed their opponents and overtook them for the victory. The prize? An all-expense-paid dinner to a restaurant of their choice.


After a long and laborious competition, one would think peoples’ energy would be depleted, but the competitive spirit is strong at Freenome. People broke out into groups and played games of lawn Jenga, football, basketball, and rage cage to cap off a great afternoon.


A fun time was had by all, we spent the day eating, chatting, competing and having fun. Freenome is a team of scientists, researchers, and engineers who dedicate their lives to first preventing and eventually curing cancer. But we’re more than that, bound by our values of integrity, trust, empathy, servant leadership and striving for greatness, we’re also a family that likes to get out of the office and connect through friendly competition, fun activities, and team-building events.