Mental Health and Cogito

Shifting from physical health to mental health, a new app is actually making it easier for mental health professionals to track the status of their patients. The Cogito Companion app is designed to track a patient’s activity, social connectedness, and mood. It can tell when you’ve left your house, or if you’ve stayed in one place for an extended period. It can tell if you’ve been calling or texting other people, or if you’ve been out of contact. And it allows your counselor to see your progress.

On the surface, it seems like other apps on the market: it tracks your activities, and reports back to your therapist. What makes it different is how you can record audio logs as a sort of diary. While this helps to record your feelings and thoughts, an A.I. algorithm analyzes the speed, tone, and energy in your voice to assess your mood. It can tell you if you’re having a down day, or if you’re doing better than you expect, and those results can be viewed by the practitioner.

The tool is still in its early stages, but as it learns and becomes more sophisticated it stands to help a great many people who struggle with mental health challenges.