October 3, 2020

Freenome and The Women’s Building Volunteer Event

Freenome is always searching for ways to expand what it means to empathize with and serve our community. In previous years, we have organized successful efforts to uplift the Bay Area population experiencing homelessness. In planning for this year’s event, we asked ourselves, “How can we make an even larger impact?”, and in our search, we came across The Women’s Building.

The Women’s Building has been a staple of San Francisco since 1971, helping generations of women and families recover, find their voice, and offer a variety of other support to communities that often do not have the dignity of choice. 

The Freenome Service Team met with the wonderful and dedicated staff of The Women’s Building to learn more about what they do and how to support them. It was an easy decision to join forces after learning about the history and purpose of The Women’s Building, their impact, while seeing the love and consideration they have for the community.

In partnership with The Women’s Building, we hosted a Spring Village wellness event during National Women’s Month. The event took place on March 5th and offered many need-based services at no charge, such as: haircuts, clothing & bras, care packages, make-up, free food, healthcare, tax education, and many other services that support not only physical well-being, but also the mental and emotional needs of others.

As part of our partnership, Freenome committed support on four pillars.  First, we wrote 200 Letters of Love (an idea of The Women’s Building to create letters to empower their clients and to let them know they are appreciated and supported). Second, we donated over $6000, for 40 women to get help with housing, legal support, tech tutoring, and career services, and so that 15 families could have meals every week for a year through The Women’s Building Food pantry. The donation also helped 20 low-income families get free tax prep so they can get the tax refunds they are entitled to receive. Third, 30 Freenome team members volunteered at the Spring Village and partnered with Marjorie’s Original BBQ Sauce and Goat Hill pizza to honor our commitment to feed over 200 attendees. We partnered with Haircuts with Heart to provide hair & nail services (which was by far the most popular).

Lastly, we ran a clothing drive of which over 400 gallons of clothes were donated.  

The numbers are important, but the actual event and its purpose is what made this experience priceless. With music and laughter adding to the celebratory and dignifying tone of the event, the effervescent smiles of the clients and volunteers was the main event. Walking around the building, it was energizing to see the joy we all derived from being with one another and in support of each other. 


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