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Freenome Presents at Molecular Tri-Con

March 10, 2016 - Thursday

It was an exciting week at Molecular Tri-Con 2016 in San Francisco. There was an incredible showing of scientists at the cutting edge of liquid biopsy diagnostics. Freenome's computational biologist, Adam Drake, gave a riveting presentation on Freenome’s research progress in prostate and lung cancer to a packed room. After describing Freenome’s wet lab methods for sequencing cell free plasma DNA he guided the audience through Freenome’s unique algorithmically driven perspective on cancer diagnostics. The results impressed the cell free sequencing experts in the room. He fielded a stimulating discussion on the "nitty gritty" of statistical learning techniques and the stumbling blocks Freenome has run into and anticipates in bringing a sequencing test to the clinic. Great work Adam. Freenome can’t wait to return next year to share another year of progress in the rapidly developing field.