Cancer Testing


Transforming cancer's faintest traces into medicine's most powerful tools

Freenome is changing the way the world looks at cancer by decoding the vast complexity of the cell-free genome – where breakthroughs in artificial intelligence turn hidden patterns into tools for early detection of cancer, and novel pathways are revealing new and better ways to treat.


Blood tests for early cancer detection and enhanced drug development


Early Cancer Detection

Simple and accurate blood tests that can detect cancer in its earliest stages, before symptoms occur.

Response Prediction

Solving unmet needs in precision oncology and immuno-oncology with accurate companion diagnostics and biomarker identification.

Pathway Discovery

Collaborating with academic and pharmaceutical partners to identify new therapeutic targets.


Our commitment




Lifesaving early cancer detection

For the 8 most common cancers, starting effective treatment during stage 1 or 2 has demonstrated 10-year survival rates of 80% to 90%.1 Unfortunately, current screening approaches often fail to detect cancer until significant progression has already occurred.




Optimizing cancer treatment

In addition to early cancer detection, classifying the billions of patterns that define each tumor type can help oncologists predict which therapy is likely to work best. Over time, the data we collect is revealing new targets for the next generation of cancer therapies.





Actionable insights for patients

Freenome is committed to translating genomic cancer data into simple, actionable results that can guide decision making for you and your patients. Our robust clinical trial program was designed to ensure that our tests exceed current standards for specificity and sensitivity, and always lead to clear next steps for treatment.


1. Cancer Research UK, link. Accessed April 2018.



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