Freenome (free•nohm) is the dynamic collection of genetic material floating in your blood (cell-free) derived from the trillions of cells in your body. It is your living cell-free genome changing over time and space.

Your freenome is the genomic thermometer of who you are as you grow, live, and age. Our platform allows you to track the health of your freenome so you can make the best decisions for you. Your freenome helps you design your “healthy" and then serves as a warning system for “unhealthy" conditions such as cancer so that you can get the care that you need, when you need it.

It is precision wellness - for your freenome - for your health.


In the age of genomics, traditionally biological questions give way to technological solutions. We are programmers, machine learning experts and computational biologists developing novel computational methods to create effective tools for screening, diagnosis and treatment of age-associated clinical conditions. Our technology utilizes the power of next-generation sequencing to create personalized, non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic targets for cancer and other diseases.



Every product that we develop is grounded in solid biological research that we conduct with the scientific community. We are molecular biologists, chemists, and sequencing experts working together to ensure the highest quality of scientific research. We lay the foundation necessary for next-generation screening and treatment methods.



All of us are touched by diseases like cancer. Knowledge is the first step to a world without sickness. We are people affected by these diseases coming together to empower each person with knowledge to help them live their healthiest life. Together, we can realize a future where everyone can live in personal wellness.



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