At Freenome, we’re connecting people
with next-generation cancer screening and
diagnostic tests through the power
of artificial intelligence.


Using blood work
to detect cancer

Freenome's blood tests look beyond mutations to detect the
body's own early-warning signs for cancer, including
real-time changes in gene expression, immune activity, and
cancer-associated proteins.

Decoding hidden patterns

By using artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize
disease-associated patterns among billions of circulating, 
cell-free (cf) biomarkers, Freenome is developing simple, 
accurate, and noninvasive blood tests for early-cancer
screening and treatment selection.


AI Genomics

Cancer Biology

Analyzing fragments of
DNA, RNA and other
biomarkers circulating in
blood plasma.

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Artificial intelligence

Decoding the billions of
complex patterns associated
with the body's response to
specific tumor types.

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Detection & Treatment

Arming physicians with
powerful blood tests to find
cancer earlier and fight it
more effectively.

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