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Clinical studies powering a
new era in
early cancer detection

Our clinical research program drives discovery and validation of our early cancer detection tests through rigorous methods and partnerships with leading academic and health organizations.

Our clinical studies

Our Colorectal Cancer Study

Status: Recruitment complete

Our Multi-Cancer Studies

Status: Recruiting

Our colorectal cancer screening study: PREEMPT CRC®

PREEMPT CRC is the largest clinical study validating a blood-based colorectal screening test. With more than 200 study sites across urban and rural communities, PREEMPT CRC locations included community hospitals, health systems, private clinics, tertiary centers and teaching hospitals. PREEMPT CRC completed study enrollment in May 2022.

Driving representation in clinical studies

At Freenome, we're committed to recruiting a diverse population for our clinical studies. PREEMPT CRC was designed to be representative of the population and enrolled participants from every state in the continental United States. More than 30,000 participants enrolled and completed the study with a range of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.


Learn more about our work with Morehouse School of Medicine to drive diverse enrollment in PREEMPT CRC

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Our multi-cancer early detection studies

We are extending our multiomics platform beyond colorectal cancer to screen for other cancers as part of our multi-cancer clinical program.

We are currently enrolling participants with and without cancer in two large studies as part of our multi-cancer research program:

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The Vallania Study is Freenome’s clinical study for the refinement and further development of a test to detect multiple cancers.

Learn more about The Vallania Study
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The Sanderson Study is Freenome’s first study for the detection of multiple cancers that pairs multiomics with real-world data and is designed to bridge clinical research with day-to-day clinical impact.

Learn more about The Sanderson Study

In honor of the patients we know and love

At Freenome, we are scientists, technologists, and innovators, but most importantly we are people. Our own experiences with cancer drive the work we do. That’s why Freenome’s discovery studies are named for employees’ loved ones who battled cancer.

natalina vallania

The Vallania Study is named in honor of Natalina Vallania, the loving mother of a Freenome scientist.

tim sanderson

The Sanderson Study is named in honor of Tim Sanderson, the loving father of a Freenome engineer.