We’re developing early cancer detection blood tests using our comprehensive platform that combines expertise in biological and computational sciences to look beyond tumor signals and detect the body’s early warning signs of cancer.

Our Platform Consists of Three Powerful Components:

Detecting the Body’s Early Warning Signs
Through Multiomics

Why It’s Important to Look Beyond Tumor Signals

Signals Differ by Cancer Stage

Biological signals indicating the presence of cancer can differ by cancer stage. Tumor-derived signals, such as DNA shed by the tumor, are typically more abundant in later stages of cancer. However, non-tumor derived signals from the tumor’s microenvironment, such as proteins from your immune system or from tissues surrounding the tumor, may contribute more significantly in earlier stages of cancer.

Signals Differ by Cancer Type

There are over 100 different types of cancer and the biological signals indicating the presence of those cancers can vary widely. For example, the amount of DNA shed by different cancer types varies by orders of magnitude, so leveraging only cfDNA is likely insufficient to detect a wide range of cancers, in their earliest stages.

How We Look Beyond Tumor Signals

Multiomics is the comprehensive analysis of blood by looking across multiple levels of biology, enabling us to look at both tumor-derived and non-tumor-derived signals. This holistic analysis will empower us to detect the earliest indications of cancer.


Analysis of proteins that reflect the body’s dynamic responses to cancer


Analysis of RNA that reflect how our genes respond as the tumor develops


Analysis of cell-free DNA that sheds from cells, including tumor cells

Other Omics

Analysis of many other biomarkers in the blood

Discovering Hidden Patterns Through Machine Learning

Multiomics helps us analyze the blood comprehensively to find any possible signal at the earliest possible stages. This leads to billions of data points. Freenome uses advanced computational techniques and machine learning to identify complex patterns of cancer among the data points resulting from multiomics analysis.

Built to Learn

Freenome is building a real-world data feedback loop to enable a learning healthcare system. The learning healthcare system will incorporate the latest insights into patient care, continuously optimizing cancer screening tools and improving patient outcomes.

How Our Early Cancer Detection Process Comes Together

Blood Sample
Multiomics Analysis
Machine Learning Classifier