Riley Ennis, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Riley Ennis

Co-Founder and
Chief Product Officer

With the knowledge and skills he gained as a biotechnology entrepreneur, Riley is helping to make Freenome’s vision of a cancer-free world a reality. As the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Riley heads the clinical and commercial development of Freenome’s noninvasive tests for early cancer detection and treatment selection.

A Thiel Fellow, Riley developed a cancer vaccine and founded his first biotech company, Immudicon, while still in high school. While earning his degree in molecular biology at Dartmouth, Riley co-authored several publications and worked as a visiting scientist with Novartis.

In addition to his work as a scientist, Riley worked as an analyst at Morgan Stanley and an associate at Bridgewater, where he observed the positive impact of a strong organizational culture firsthand. Riley’s previous biotech experience includes work at Foundation Medicine, Syros Pharmaceuticals, Adimab, and Emergent Biosolutions.